Marketing Solutions Rates & Terms

The following prices are estimates. Actual costs to fulfill for your unique project requirements may vary.

Website Design

Starting at

Logos & Identity Systems
(Includes Logo Design)

Starting at

Social Media Solutions
(includes digital media content strategy & media creation)

Starting at

Email Marketing
(Includes content development & lead generation)

Starting at

Hourly Rates



Application Development


Front-end Web Development


Graphic Design




Video Production



$150/hr or normal rate x 1.5

Payment Terms

Due on delivery.

*Rates subect to change without notice. A project qualifies as a rush when a) it must be started or completed within 1 business day, or b) when work must be done during non-business hours such as after hours, weekends, or holidays to meet a deadline due to circumstances out of my control.

Payment Terms

Projects or combinations of projects may be billed at a flat fee if the estimated cost is expected to reach or exceed $400 USD. Estimates or quotes may be prepared to determine final cost and the appropriate payment terms as defined below.

$400 or less

Payment due upon completion.

$400 - $8,000

50% non-refundable deposit required to start with the remaining balance payment due upon delivery.

$8,000 or more

30% non-refundable deposit required to start with 30% due at the halfway point and the remaining 40% due upon delivery.

Payment Methods

Payment Method Accepted Not Accepted
Paypal (preferred) X
Credit Card X
Debit Card X
Check X
Cash X
BitCoin X

IP Licensing & Ownership

Unless otherwise agreed upon, original design files and build assets such as photos, copy, project files, etc. will remain the property of the contractor/consultant. As such, the client is granted limited license to use the intellectual property as outlined in the original statement of work. Use outside of the original statement of work or the creation of derivatives is prohibited. Intellectual Property may available for buyout and complete transfer of ownership for an additional fee.

Billable Time

The following constitutes time that will be billed to the client:

  • Time spent designing graphics for print, web, or any other application
  • Time spent in web development
  • Time spent providing advice or consultation. This includes:
    • Time spent becoming acquainted with a project enough to develop a working understanding of it. This includes:
      • Reviewing documents such as contracts, emails, possible solutions, technologies, etc.
      • Conference calls with other contractors, agencies, etc.
      • Calls with the client or any other party to review, discuss possible solutions, direction, strategy, etc. This includes email, text, etc.
    • Time spent developing or reviewing solutions, options, or suggestions
    • Time spent articulating consultation or advice via email, phone, in person, etc.
  • Time spent emailing or communicating with anyone on your behalf
  • Time spent in any capacity, including business communications, on any project with the exception of:
    • Time spent developing estimates and proposals (except in special cases for which the client will be notified prior to any work being started)
    • Time spent discussing or reviewing the details of projects in order to define the scope and specifications of a project (except in special cases for which the client will be notified prior to any work being started)
    • Time spent correcting or fixing mistakes made on my part, which includes, but is not limited to:
      • Typographical errors
      • Website functionality
      • Bug fixes