Hey, there.

I'm Mike, a freelance digital marketer located in Honolulu, Hawaii and owner of MK Design. I've spent almost two decades helping businesses grow online with digital marketing, graphic design, and web design.

I started doing design work as a teenager after friends and family began taking notice of the artwork that I was doing in and out of school. I was one of those kids that always drew in and out of class. My skills developed and people began to take notice.

My first mentorship was with a local surfboard shaper in San Diego, California airbrushing surfboards and coming up with logos for different surfboard models. That was back in 1995 when I was 15 years old and I went on to do that for the next 5 years.

After that, I went on to work for a local marketing agency designing logos, flyers, and brochures before going freelance in my early twenties. The internet started taking off around then, so I learned how to code and built my first website to host my portfolio and promote my work.

I began building websites professionally and started learning about online marketing. I worked for a wide variety of clients—board sports companies, biotech companies, local artists and musicians, health and fitness gurus, building contractors, building their websites and designing their marketing collateral.

A few years later, I worked in-house as a graphic designer and proposal writer for a company that built armored vehicles for various domestic and international governments—things like armored Toyota Land Cruisers, Yukon Denalis, and other SUVs. I learned about government contracting, proposal writing and coordination, as well as business. Things like logistics, supply chain, production lines, the importance of knowing costs. I learned a lot about life as well getting a behind the scenes glimpse into how government procurement works and getting the opportinity to work closely with former fighter pilots, marines, and special operations fighters.

After that, I took a bit of a hiatus and moved to France for a year, worked remotely, surfed, rock climbed, and discovered French culture and history. Seeing the quality and scale of the artwork and architecture of some of the French historical sites was eye openning and inspiring.

I returned to San Diego from France for a short time and then decided to move to Hawaii to fulfill a life-long surfing dream (I started surfing when I was 11). I lived on the North Shore of O'ahu for two and a half years, surfed, fell in love, and had a beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately, the North Shore of O'ahu isn't the best place to make a living, so I made the short move to Honolulu where I live today. I got a job with a local startup and worked as a marketing manager where I developed a deep set of skills in digital marketing. This experience brought all the skills that I've acquired so far together and brings me to where I am now.

It's been a long road, but I've never been more prepared, equipped, and excited to be where I am with the skills and relationships that I have. I'm proud to be able to offer my clients, with confidence, the knowledge and experience in marketing, design, and web technologies to be able to take their businesses to the next level. To be able to generate solid return on investment and to be able to use my skills, knowledge, and experience to serve others.

This year, I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, learning more about all the different kinds of businesses and product offerings that there are out there, markets, and working to purpetuate more good in the world.


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