Design & Direction

Moto HI is a niche bar, cafe, coffee, and internet brand committed to serving, sharing, celebrating, and bringing the motorcycle community together through its bar & cafe which will serve as a popular stopping point for riders of all walks of life. The Moto HI website and internet properties will provide up-to-date, comprehensive information on riding events, rider groups, guides, and other notable rider promotions and opportunities throughout the state of Hawaii and beyond.


The choice of typeface for the majority of concepts so far, modern styled sans-serif fonts, was based on avoiding design elements or styling that would 1) Cause either too much association with one segment of motorcyclist demographic or 2) Alienate other segments. For example, an old english style logo typeface is used by many biker club logos, but would alienate sport bikers and other types of riders that don't associate with biker clubs or are intimidated by them. Conversely, more stylized lettering that perhaps has a fast, grunge look may fit well and be readily accepted by the motocross community, but not the hog community.

Being a "non-denominational" establishment, the Moto HI logo and brand must walk a fine line between the stylistic tastes and values of all the different rider communities with a brand that does not appear to favor, or to have originated from, any one community.

It should be something that appeals to all rider communities and that is why most of the designs presented are neutral in their stylistic bias. It is also the reason behind the retro styling of the neon sign style logo, since those were the days before the segmentation and polarization of the rider community and so speaks to the roots and heritage of every rider.

All this being said, the logo can be kinetic and changing, which will be explored further in regards to final application, but there should be a top-level, or master version of the logo and that is what we are developing now.


Where does the Moto HI logo fit in with other moto logos and brand identities? What does it communicate? What are the main functions of the logo? These are some of the questions that were taken into consideration, along with those below, when designing these first drafts of the Moto HI logo:

  • Looked at from a storefront perspective, a primary function of the logo should be to generate interest from nearby vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • The look and feel of the logo should speak to longevity—possibly something that has been around for a while, if not something that will endure possibly as a fixture of the region.
  • Include design elements that would bring riders together as opposed to polarizing, favoring, or alienating any one group. Avoid design elements that associate with a specific type of rider (dirt, street, racing, hog, etc.). The logo should appear rider group neutral.
  • How does the brand relate to and acknowledge motorcycle Clubs?
  • The logo and brand should reflect the simplicity of moto enthusiasm—enjoying the ride, raw power, speed, freedom, etc.
  • The logo and brand should appear strong and evoke a sense of strength.
  • The roots of moto is humble. It doesn’t come from a place of wealth and convention. On the contrary, it comes from a place of working class people that could be described as unconventional, rebels to society. They are loud, risk takers that are eager to explore new places and push the limits of themselves, their equipment, and each other. The logo and brand should emulate and be in line with this spirit as well.


Every successful brand has brand values which guide marketing messages, stylistic and creative decisions, and connect with their market. These values should are clearly defined and make up the heart and soul of the brand. These are a few of the values that developed from researching moto culture while considering what we had discussed regarding the Moto HI brand and logo.

  • Community oriented
  • Brotherhood (or sisterhood), family oriented (as in moto family)
  • Willingness to push things to the limit
  • Courage and Bravado
  • Aversion to authority and convention
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Radical or Extreme

Kinetic Logo

The Moto HI logo can be a Kinetic Logo which takes on many forms depending on the application, context it's being used in, audience, and the intended effect.