Primary Logo Designs

The main logo designs for the Reef Raiders logo shown here on a white background with the logo mark isolated and then with the “Reef Raiders” text.

Competition Logo

The competition logo was designed to be used for the annual spearfishing competitions. It features a custom stylized layout using the recognizable brand elements along with a sport and year identifier. The competition logo would be laser etched onto plaques and trophies as well as used in event apparel and promotional collateral.

Logo Development

Developing the Reef Raiders logo started with learning about the history of spearfishing and what are important to its participants. I developed a first round of initial sketches (not shown), and then went on to experiment with some different shapes along with a double "R" monogram. I had a vision for a hand drawn style logo, but it didn't quite fit the client's vision. After a bit more research, brainstorming, and design concepts we steadily worked our way towards the final product.